1. Register as an individual member (or team of 2-4) by completing the Membership Commitment and return it to our office by email, fax or mail. Full instructions can be found at the bottom of the registration form. To sign-up as a team, each member must complete a Membership Commitment Form on which she will indicate how the $100 donation will be distributed between each member of the team.  There is a maximum of 4 people allowed on one team.

  2. As an individual member (or team) you must commit to donating $100 per meeting. There are 4 meetings per year lasting 1 hour in length.

  3. Each individual member (or team) will submit a Charity Nomination Form to nominate an organization of their choice for consideration. Forms must be received at least 1 week prior to the meeting.

  4. Three charities/organizations will be randomly chosen at each meeting. The member who nominated that charity/organization will have the opportunity to make a 5 minute presentation about their chosen charity to the group. Note: You do have the option not to nominate a charity if you so desire but you must fulfill your $100 commitment per meeting.

  5. After the three charities have been presented, each individual member (or team) will vote for one of the three chosen charities. Note: You are allowed 1 vote per individual member (or team).

  6. After all votes are tallied, each individual member (or team) will write a cheque totalling $100 to the organization receiving the most votes and the selected organization will receive a total donation of $10,000


 The presentation should be no longer than five (5) minutes.  It should include the following information:

What is the name of the organization?
Where is the organization located?
What is the mission of the organization?
What purpose does the organization serve? (Who do they serve? What do they do? How do they do it?)
How would the organization benefit from receiving the donation?
How will the funds be used?
What other sources of funding does the organization have?
Describe your personal interactions with the organization or how you learned of the organization?


 For those women who are unable to attend please fill out the Proxy Ballot Form. You can give another member authority to vote on your behalf as long as they present the Proxy Ballot form AND a cheque for $100 on your behalf.